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Get access to exclusive benefits to help you and your clients grow

Ginkgo Retail

Ginkgo has vast capabilities that allow it to partner with various agencies and individuals so that we can reach out to more clients. It is an omnichannel well equipped to support

e-commerce merchants and help them grow to new heights.

Who is it for?

Agencies and individuals looking for commission based partnerships

Saas-Based Partnership

Ginkgo offers you a saas-based partnership, as we believe in growing together we offer you a partnership plan that will be beneficial for you now and in the future. Once you bring us customers or projects you will be entitled to claim a one-time commission of 10% and 5% of the monthly subscription fee.

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Enterprise Partnership

Ginkgo allows you to join hands with us and evolve together. This Partnership offer is for agencies and individuals who are looking for a one-time commission, with no strings attached. To initiate this partnership you just have to bring us a project or clients and you will be entitled to a 15% commission of the project value.